Remember when everyone got their first blogs and websites and there was always a section that pointed to cool stuff other people were doing? I don’t know why no one is doing that anymore, but I am bringing it back!

Riggin Hittn – My brother is a rigger and a very good one too, I was told. If you know what that is and you need one, he is your man.

Frauendomäne – Two friends built this database for female expertise. Need a qualified woman for a panel, publication, etc.? Good news! There are plenty.

Christoph Liebentritt – Amazing photographer and long-time accomplice in various obscure endeavors.

Buecherstube Baumann – The dusty, chaotic, and really wonderful independent bookstore I worked at when I was a student.

Barbara Pacholik – Unique painted portraits and workshops

Thomas Kranabetter – Artist, digital something, I don’t understand half of the things he is doing but he made a gun out of meat and I respect that.

tbc … I really wanna do something else now.