(c) Mike Horak

I’ve been around since 1988 and Vienna is my home. I studied German language and literature, news journalism and international affairs, worked in bookstores, concert venues and as a German teacher for adults. I used to be a journalist and then a policy advisor covering foreign and European affairs, defence, migration and development cooperation in the Austrian Parliament (for the liberals). In 2020 was the Head of Communications and Marketing at the European Forum Alpbach. Ever since I have worked on various projects related to international affairs, EU enlargement and security/defence.

I was also the co-host of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s security podcast „The Defence Café“. This podcast is part of my favourite project, a hub for European liberal defence policy advisors. Moreover, friends in Bosnia called me „the Balkans‘ wing woman“ and I do everything in my power to deserve this honourable title. I was a Europe’s Futures Fellow at the Institute of Human Science in Vienna working on questions of Western Balkans enlargement of the EU. I am also involved in various civic literacy projects and some security policy initiatives.

I am a junior „translator“ for barrier-free communication (in German). Barrier-free language ensures access to information for people with visual, hearing or cognitive impairments and people with limited knowledge of the German language.

I can draw/illustrate a bit and know how to crochet awesome stuff and I am currently studying biology for fun.

And yes, I talk very fast and sleep very little.

You can hire me to consult on any of the topics listed above and for writing jobs, as well as for workshops for your organisation. Or you can just say hi via email: teresa.j.reiter (at) gmail.com.

Views expressed on this blog are my personal opinions and do not represent my employer.